Monday, July 30, 2007

Glorious Summer!

Summer, the time of bare feet and all-day pajamas, is rapidly escaping. For those who teach, it's a shrine at which we worship, thankful for the gift of time, rest, and recharging. This summer I've slept at the top of a humbling mountain, hiked through desert sands, and touched my toe in a river so cold it is named Rio Frio. I've slept late, wore nothing long into the day, and enjoyed reconnecting with the little people who share my home. Next week, the rat race begins again, but for today, I celebrate Glorious Summer!!


Blogger Azathoth100 said...

Ahh, vacation time. I just got back and as always it's far too short. Makes me wonder why we've set life up that by the time we can enjoy the world we're too old to do so?

5:13 PM  
Blogger Azathoth100 said...

Dreaming of days gone by and voices gone silent and hoping that wherever the souls have gone they find the world filled with smiles and laughter...

5:36 PM  

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