Monday, July 30, 2007

Glorious Summer!

Summer, the time of bare feet and all-day pajamas, is rapidly escaping. For those who teach, it's a shrine at which we worship, thankful for the gift of time, rest, and recharging. This summer I've slept at the top of a humbling mountain, hiked through desert sands, and touched my toe in a river so cold it is named Rio Frio. I've slept late, wore nothing long into the day, and enjoyed reconnecting with the little people who share my home. Next week, the rat race begins again, but for today, I celebrate Glorious Summer!!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Bored, Bored, Bored

Yesterday I drove 60 miles for entertainment. Sat in a smoke-filled casino throwing money away, and thinking. It's so bizarre to be bored. I simply must take up a new hobby. Any suggestions?

Monday, January 29, 2007

What's your lustsign?

Visit to learn your Lustsign!

Okay, passing on the tag...what's YOUR lustsign?


Sunday, January 28, 2007


I have a paper-eating cat. I know it's strange but I have this large cat that is (really) half bobcat, and half Egyptian Mau. I don't know how that came to be, but it's what the vet tells me, and since she came to us that route, I think he should know. When she was less than two weeks old, she was mostly eaten by a coyote (the rest of her clutch was eaten), so at two weeks old, the vet put 81 stitches into her striped hide and gave her to us. She's now a huge 25 pound brute of a cat that has excessively large fangs and eats paper. In fact, if you don't give her paper to eat, she will destroy your furniture, steal your wallet, and eat your credit cards. I know there is no point at all to this rant, but it is another little weirdness that pervades my life. When my kid says, "the cat ate my homework," believe her.

Friday, January 26, 2007


This is in response to a tag from jadedprimadonna:

The rule of this tag is to tell five unknown factoids about yourself.

1. I was born on an airplane. Shoulda known from that start that this existence would be a strange ride.
2. I delivered a baby in the (closed) lobby of a hospital -- on Halloween night, while wearing a clown suit. Yes, this kid is screwed for life.
3. I collect gargoyles. Any size, any kind, especially catgoyles. We need all the protection from evil spirits that we can get around my place, especially those we call friends.
4. I've authored 25 books, everything from children's to horror.
5. I know everything there is to know about shark fishing.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Law of Attraction

Now here's a little maxim to which every being in the universe must be privy except me. Call it poor "raisins" or abysmal ignorance, but this is news to me. Simply put, the law of attraction says that you attract things into your life according to your thoughts. (More info here: Now I don't presume to speak for others but if what comes to me comes solely based on what I'm thinking, heaven help us all.

There's all kinds of things that make this "law" seem squirrelly. For example, there are children all across this globe who are neglected and hurt. This cannot be based on some intent or idea. Also, for many of us, there is a mate or significant other linked to our destiny. To what measure do their thoughts and intentions impact all this? And if your thoughts are conflicted is your reality conflicted, too?

Funny thing is that just before I started reading all this drivel about attraction, I just finished John Miller's book, QBQ (the Question Behind the Question), a book about personal accountability. I don't believe in coincidences, so I suppose that in some way, I'm being compelled to assume responsibility for my thoughts, and thereby, my reality.

Now all that said, and believe me I know it's a mouthful, here I am. I've always thought that humans lacked power as well as substance, yet now I'm confronted with a human "law" that seems to be nothing less than psychic magic. It's turning my head inside out, but I'm a thrill seeker, so I'm riding the roller coaster. So far, using my mental prowess alone, I've created a more harmonious existence at work. I'm working on some adventure and funding for the near future. I'll let you know how that comes out.

So if we all buy into this, to borrow thoughts from author Steve Pavlina, "I too am just a manifestation of your consciousness. I play the role you expect me to play. If you expect me to be a helpful guide, I will be. If you expect me to be profound and insightful, I will be. If you expect me to be confused or deluded, I will be. But of course there’s no distinct ME that is separate from YOU. I’m just one of your many creations. I am what you intend me to be."

But deep down you already knew that, didn’t you?

"Thought for the Day"

A friend sent me this little thought for the day --

"Never make someone a priority in your life when they have only made you an option in theirs."

And well...duh.

Funny, when you are on the inside of this situation, it's so difficult to see it. So now I'm thinking -- is there some easy way to let go of people? I mean we all have these friends. "Sure, I'll go with you (unless I get a better offer)." "I'll be there (unless something more inviting comes up)." Why do we hang onto them? When do we let go? How?

It's my observation that relationships (companions as well as mates) are the single most traumatic part of being human. Despite the trauma, we are driven to quest for new friends, and for "Mr. or Ms. Right." This insanity is proof of the sadistic nature of the cosmos and the powers that designed it. Some worthy sage must have some answers on how to change the priorities of our hearts to match what our heads know is best.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Special Greeting Card

This world's advertisements present an intriguing insight into the human condition. Some are brilliant. They apply humor, a knowledge of consumers, and artistic talents to create a miniature masterpiece of persuasion. Meanwhile others stray so far from the advertiser's agenda that they actually drive customers away. I doubt I'm the only one who gets perverse pleasure out of ads that basically say, "this business is stupid."

Several cases:
- There is a lovely women's boutique for plus sized women, the "Fashion Barn." Come on, all you heifers -- get in here and buy some damn clothes.

- My local cable provider has an ongoing ad campaign that features one of their off-duty employees going about her daily life. Her neighbor says hello, and she responds like an automaton, "How can I help you with that?" Later, the school crossing guard mentions picking up her children, she says, "It's scheduled for today." Our employees are such tards, they have the social skills of a goat.

- I don't think I've ever seen an ad for America Online that makes their users look anything except ridiculously naive. I love the ones that show their users with blank looks downloading viruses. Our users are so dumb that they wear bullseyes --

This is the trump. I received a very special greeting card today. When I opened my sanitary pad, there in the center on crisp, dainty parchment, was a note: "Have a Happy Period. Always." Now while this time of the month is certainly a momentous occasion (not to mention an experience that would make any dragon reconsider their preconceptions about human fortitude), I never expected that others would want to mark this event.

I'm certain that by now I've totally lost the few menfolk who follow this long-neglected rant space, but my feminine readers will certainly relate. I'm *not* happy. I'm fairly certain that most beings who cross my path are not happy, either. In fact, I cannot fathom EVER having "a happy period."

While I admire the ingenuity of the card designer in finding such a unique place to advertise, I think this is a bust. Somewhere there's an asshole sitting in a posh office making fun of my monthly plight. It's like there's a cyclic murder occurring up in here. Happy? No, more like homicidal. After I get through ripping all of these cute little "greeting cards" to shreds, perhaps I'll search about for a tasty ad executive.