Saturday, April 23, 2005

Scary Blast from the Past

I am in a quandry. I certainly hope some people read this because I need advice. I was sitting in a Waffle House a few days ago with my best pal, sopping up egg yolks with soggy toast and further clogging my arteries, when outta the blue I get this phone call. It's this skank-ho bitch that I cut completely out of my life with good reason.

Please do not compare this to my previous post and think I'm all conflicted on this. It's sort of just the opposite problem as what I mentioned in "Thought for the Day." This gal was one of those lame people that cross your path and they are so pathetic that most decent people feel compelled to try to help them onto a course that will lead to some kind of a future. Me, being not much of a bleeding heart, I have no patience for this kinda crap. In general, I didn't make you lame, and nothing I can do will change your lameness...the only thing I can do is get dragged down with your sorry ass. My sister, however, is a rescuer, so she put up with this pathetic bitch for nigh on 20 years. Now at this point in the story, I have to tell you my sis and I are close, being of the twinly nature. So what's her problem becomes my problem. (Yeah, I know. Imagine TWO of me.)

So this crazy bitch is like 35 and still living with control-freak parents. They tell her where she can work, what car she can drive, and who she can be friends with. This does not include my sister (and me by attrition).

I am so fine with that. So the freak's parents (who incidentally think the Care Bears came from Satan) tell her not to hang around us. She doesn't bother to tell us that...she sneak around and lies to them. When the parents show up at my place, ranting and raving, pissing the neighbors (and ME!) off, I told skank-ho to get the hell outta my house, and outta my life.

Now you guys know me -- at least somewhat. This chick has "known" me for 20 years. If I'm screaming, "Get the hell out and stay out or die," most rational beings (and many that are damned insane) do what I'm asking. Not this chick. I get regular communiques bidding for a return to my good graces. I've moved to another city, changed my phone numbers, and gotten a new email addy, but still this bitch finds me. So you tell me, short of murder, how the hell do you get rid of skank-ho stalkers? I'm hoping someone has some handy advice, because truly, this chick's mortal days may hinge on it.


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